About & FAQ


Welcome to concon (´ω`) / ! I'm emu and thanks for visiting my online store~ I love playing rhythm games especially Bemani so this store mainly focuses on that as well as some other popular rhythm games. I go to SoCal anime cons often so I'll have some anime and other games merch as well. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Disclaimer: All illustrations and designs are created by owner of concon in no way related to official goods. 



Frequently Asked Questions

**DUE TO COVID shipments may take longer to process due to only one person managing the store. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.**

  • What if I want a shirt or hoodie, but it isn't available on this site? 
    If any apparel is out of stock you can instantly purchase it from my other website, conconbyemu. The website is hosted by my supplier so anything ordered on there directly manufacturers and ships from the supplier. If you have any shipment related questions it is best to email the supplier at support@secureorderservices.com.
  • What are preorder(予約) items? 
    Preorder items are when the designs are released but the physical product is not yet made. You will be charged at purchase the preorder items and they will be delivered at a later date. Please expect 4-7+ weeks of delay after ending preorder date for these items due to the time it takes for order submission, production, packaging and freight time. Once I receive the items I double check everything to ensure accuracy and package it up for customers. All preorder items during the order period will offer combined shipping, if you make multiple purchases they will be shipped together. 

  • What is this store's return and exchange policy? 
    No returns or exchanges accepted unless it's regarding apparel. If your item came damaged or not as described, please contact me for assistance. For most instances I would need the wrong order to be shipped out with a photo of the receipt/shipment, then I will process the return/exchange. 

  • Do you accept customers outside of US? 
    Yes I do, there should be an option to ship internationally. If for any reason you do not see your location listed, feel free to contact me to request a special order.
    Please provide address in english format, if address is provided in asian characters there may be a delay in shipment.
  • How long does shipping take? 
    Once you've placed an order, please allow 7-14 business days (excluding weekends) for processing. All orders will be shipped with tracking information. Domestic order freight times range from 4-7 business days once it is ordered, while international order fright times range from 14-30 days. For international orders, it may take up a month for delivery depending on the carrier/holiday seasons. If you're an international customer please wait to contact me regarding your order after it's been a month.

    Disclaimer: Please note during con times where I am tabling or out of state shipping will be delayed, store will have a notice in updates. Feel free to message me about your order but I cannot get to it immediately because I do not have access to my stock.